Thursday, 26 July 2012

MEGA-TUNA and Kabikuchi's

Soo quick update of what im doing, im out in Dahab training for the competitive season back in the Uk for a few weeks as I want to get a podium finish on the UKWA tour this year, but its not going to be easy as all the Uk guys are sailing really well at the moment but im gunna train hard and cross my fingers :D
So far the wind has been great out in Dahab and ive been sailing almost everyday on my North I.D 4.7 and 5.3 and have learnt a new move: Kabikuchi's pretty exited about these as it's a cool move to see, basically you start a high and fast regular kono then change direction mid air and spin a spock wich is pretty tech but ive got them pretty dialled now which is awsome will try and film one tommorow :D

Also just a quick Picture of whats been named the "MEGA-TUNA" our friends Miles and Emma bought for us hahahha it's soso big in real life #lovetuna..