Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Egypt power hours and Pwa chat

The wind has dropped off a little bit recently (still been on my 4.7 hahah) we've been having some sick early morning power hours i've dialled in my Culo's now and next time its 4.2 weather I'm determined to film double Culo hahah pretty insane but I rekon I could do it.

 Even though it hasn't been windy during the days we've been watching the Pwa freestyle event on Feurterventura wich has kept us entertained the whole event was INSANE I watched pretty much all of it thanks to the Pwa live stream. the wind looked like it was gunna suck for the event but it picked up enough to run both a single and a double elimination.
The single had some upsets with Dieter van der Eyken taking out current world champion Steven van broekhoven which was sick to see Dieter sailed a clever heat he also unvailed his new move the "FREEK" which is kinda like a switch cheese roll it looks rad, also gollito put down his new move the airflaka into shaka wich he's named the "Pasko
Pasko – Jose ‘Gollito’ EstredoFreek Crash – Dieter van der Eyken

In the double Steven climbed all the way back to the top and faced Gollito in the final both of them sailed at new level but gollito won with a Pasko and a sick Air chacho but also to mention Steven nailed a shove-it air spock wich was SO high I wouldn't have liked to be a judge. In the womens of course Sarah-quita killed it but in the semi she really stepped it up and landed skopu, burner and regular kono's she would have easily beaten most of the men she's a real inspiration to any female freestylers out there, Also like to make a shout out to Arrianne aukes who fought all the way through the doulble and defeated Yoli de brendt to take 3rd place, her first podium finish congrats dude!  hahah check my blog in a few days when the winds back :D      .