Saturday, 5 May 2012


Hooooooolaaa everyone
Hope you’ve all had just as good a start to the year as I have.  Just a quick update on where I’ve been and what I’ve been up too first off I got a new fin sponsor!! K4 fins.  I’m hyped on these fins and the shape that Bubble has come up with is sick!  it’s kinda in-between swept back and upright so it slides great for double moves but still carves just as well for shaka’s and the like. The fins Come in A 14, 16, 18 and 20cm us and powerbox and cost only £42.50 which is less than half the cost of the average freestyle fin!!

16 and 18cm "Bubble" pro models

                                                            Regular chacho on the 16cm

In travelling news a few weeks back I went on a last minute trip to Dahab.  This was a really fun trip despite the pretty crappy wind.  I learnt a shed load of funky light wind tricks and solidified some more power moves so I’m pretty much set for the competitive season ahead.  While I was out there I shared a flat Jamie Drummond, Arriane Aukes (ranked 5th in PWA womens freestyle) and air chacho master Marten Van Ochten.  Our flat was pretty sick and was good for chilling out, watching movies and eating 2 litre tubs of ice cream; it also had red lights in the bedrooms and a crazy clock. It’s great sharing a place with other windsurfers as you can hype each other up and discuss what moves to try in upcoming sessions.  All in all it was a great trip and I want to return to Dahab again even if it’s just to see all the super-chill guys that live out there.

Put on the red light!!

Blades, razors and knives?!

On return from Dahab me and my dad drove straight from Manchester airport to West Kirby for the first UKWA freestyle event of the year.  I was hyped to sail at Kirby as I’d heard of its mirror flat water.  The venue there was sick and there was also concrete so I could skate which is always a bonus as there was pretty much no wind.  However, Trevor Funnel had pulled some strings and organised a jet ski for tow-in!!  What a legend; meaning we had rad action all weekend despite the lack of wind. The towin was a real success meaning we had a great weekend of competition and a fun evening, can’t wait for the next event. 

                                                       video of the event by Rob Partridge