Monday, 17 September 2012

Egypt round up, NWF + 2013 kit

I got back last week from Dahab after a 6ish week trip, the last weeks were awsome I learnt shove-it spocks really well and also landed a few two-handed air bobs which are really fun if you're over powered as you can get them really tweaked, but there hard to land. All in all Egypt was a sick trip and I will probably be back there very soon as I miss eating at King chicken and having Falafal sanwiches everyday, gunna tryn buy some falafal mix back in the uk :)

After Egypt I flew back to Gatwick and drove directly to the National Watersports festival (NWF). I was a bit apprehensive about the weather seeing as Egypt was like a million degrees, but it was actually awsome and we spent friday chilling in the sun and catching up with friends

Me and Ric

Saturday we did a bit of tow-in pratice/qualifier in the morning, I did a couple of burners and a funnel which ment I qualified for the night tow-in.  I finished 3rd in the tow-in but almost killed myself and several onlookers in the pocess, It was awesome!  Getting towed in at 35 knots at night time is definitely one of the coolest things I’ve ever done.


Adam Sims
Having a shower!
Idol 5.3!!

Here's a picture of the new Idol, Ive got out on it once at Portland, it was really easy to get used to and has so much lift for kono's and culo's love it!! Cheers Oscar