Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Windfest 2011

Shaka - photo by Josh Willmot
Last weekend was the final event of the UKWA freestyle tour and it was the first windfest that I have been to where there has been wind!! Three full eliminations were held over Saturday and Sunday and having already totalled enough points across the series to have already won the 2011 UK Junior Freestyle National title I thought I would try competing in the Pro fleet at this event.
Photo by Harry Newton

I managed to get 5th which I am super happy about and I really enjoyed competing against the UK’s best freestylers;  so next year I’m going to sail in this fleet to try and push my freestyle to the next level.

Recieving the Andy Funnel Trophy - photo by Carole Hibdage
To finish an amazing weekend and 2011 freestyle tour I was also awarded the Andy Funell trophy by Trevor Funell given with a very touching speech about my potential windsurfing future – I have a lot to live up to now!  Especially as other people that have been awarded the trophy include windsurfing greats such as Dave White, Bryony Shaw, Timo Mullen and John Skye……how awesome is that!!!