Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Worthing UKWA freestyle tour

The wind was too light to run heats on the saturday morning, but MIke Archer had bought some turfdogs with him which kept us all entertained for the morning; his newly designed freemove turfdog is sick.  There was some light breeze in the afternoon, enough for us to do an expresion session and later some tow-in sailing.  After an excited text message from Nick Bentley we knew we could look forward 18 knots plus the following day.

As promised by Sunday lunchtime the wind had kicked in and stayed long enough to run through two full heat ladders. It was pretty choppy and there was weed everywhere making it hard to sail but some sick moves where done, Adam sims won in the first final and I won the second. I finished First junior and Second overall, bring on NWF 2011!!!