Tuesday, 6 December 2011

My New Sponsors!!!

2012 Skate and North ID

Sorry I haven't had much of a chance to udate my posts lately school has really cranked up a notch as I near my GCSE's- but so stoked about my new North Fanatic Ion kit I just had to show it off a bit!!! I am super stoked to be part of this team apart from the kit being in my view the best available combination for freestyle, I have also got the support and experience of the Baker brothers to help me as I progress in my future windsurfing career.

I have had a couple of recent sessions down at Portland since the kit arrived - THIS KIT IS AWSOME! and to be honest it feels as if it was made for me and like i have been riding it for years....the skate is so fast which I find really helps with the big power moves and the ID's are amazingly light and super easy for ducking - really love them!  Lately I have been trying to get more consistent at landing Culos and Konos on my bad tack and the ID's really helped me doing this.

I have also got a load of ION stuff including 5/4 Strike semi-dry wetsuit which has rad colouring and is so flexible and toastie warm ....and I didn't realise how uncomfortable my old harness was until I tried my new maddox Gollito signature harness.

ID's super easy ducking

I would like to say a big thank you to RRD for supporting me over the last couple of years, sad to be moving on, and a special big thanks to Adam Simms for his support and belief in me. Later this year I have decided to take time out of education after finnishing my GCSEs at the end of this summer, so I can get more time on the water training and hopefully push my freestyle to the next level. There are a few plans for some trips in the near future and throuout the summer I just can't wait to get out on this awsome kit!